Welcome & Changelog

Welcome to the StenBot Documentation. Use the navigation bar at the left side of the screen to find what you need. You can also find a changelog below along with each version number.

1.6.11 - 10/01/2021


  • Some more cleaning up

  • Fixed some permissions


  • Updated Node in Docker for the latest security update

  • Fixed an issue with the help embed not recognising commands with no aliases

  • Added fox images to animal command

1.6.10 - 01/01/2021


  • Command statistics tracking

  • /api/stats router added

  • Fixed aliases and added aliases for some commands

  • Some spring (well, winter) cleaning (Removed unneccesary comments, added cleaner comments, removed unused packages)

  • Added template bot-data file for anyone wanting to use the open source code

  • Added GitHub FUNDING.yml file

  • Removed un-needed files from disabled-commands

  • Added the feature to enable and disable commands

  • Added ship command

1.6.9 - 26/12/2020


  • Sync commands fixed

  • Dynamic changing status

  • Failsafe for no result for GIF command

  • Removed logging in gitignore

  • Added file logging

  • Dynamic status that changes every 5 minutes

1.6.8 - 22/12/2020


  • Daily now presents a readable formatted time

  • Begun work on Rob.js

  • Made some fun commands work in DMs

  • Action command uses name instead of nickname again

  • Action command now uses the nekos.life JS wrapper

  • Animal commands combined into one command

  • GIF command added

1.6.7 - 14/12/2020


  • Added member count to status command

  • New economy system implemented (ty to Sam)

  • Some minor fixes

1.6.6 - 10/12/2020


  • Fixed bug with config-welcomer

  • Gramatically corrected action.js

1.6.5 - 07/12/2020


  • Made fetching images for action command a function

  • Added "feed" action

  • Added sb!goose command

  • Updated API's of cat and dog

1.6.4 - 05/12/2020


  • Added User Blacklist and introduced the use of the switch statement

  • Removed the need for a staff role to be set to conduct moderation commands

  • Added switch statements in config-staff

  • Changed how the word filter is configured (see docs)

1.6.3 - 12/11/2020


  • PackageJSON global and moved version to packageJSON to account for custom settings.json

  • Replaced let with var in places where its useful

  • Updated help command to use new docs link

  • Added dependencies to root API router

1.6.2 - 11/11/2020


  • Added a separate gitignore for global data

  • Updated some meta information on commands

  • Fixed small typos

  • Added channel ignore list for logging

1.6.1 - 04/11/2020


  • Reasons are now not needed for moderation commands

  • Authentication token is no longer hashed

1.6.0 - 17/10/2020


  • API Command Created

  • Authentication middleware made

  • Hashing and user management on Mongo integrated

  • StenBot website is now integrated with StenBot so the API now works on sb.benwhybrow.com/api‚Äč

1.5.5 - 16/10/2020


  • New help embeds that utilises a global function and module.exports

  • Moved admin commands to a botowner folder which is ignored by the help command

  • Combined balance and bal into one using aliases (not fully working for some reason)

1.5.4 - 10/10/2020


  • Created message.js for the message event (reduces size of app.js)

  • Fixed a nickname issue occuring on userjoin

  • Fixed mcping error when there isn't an MOTD on a server

  • Fixed missing markdown in config-staff

  • Make txtcreate work with a category

1.5.3 - 05/10/2020


  • Fixed some bugs when members join

  • Changed the system in which the session connects to mongo and Discord, checking the config for the mode

  • Redone action command using a switch system instead of if-else statements

  • Added fact command

  • Exposed port in dockerfile for API

  • Started trying to make an API (NO WHERE NEAR COMPLETION)

1.5.1 - 24/09/2020


  • Removed config options for levelling and music (not complete)

  • Removed config options for warncap (not complete)

  • Added some new placeholders for the welcomer message (check docs)

  • Updated template config with MongoDB connection info

  • New eventEmbed (global) for events and moderation commands (redesigned)

  • Added error event to console log (basic stuffs)

  • Disabled emojiCreate and emojiDelete events due to issues

1.5.0 - 15/09/20


  • Storage System Change from JSON to Mongo (Ty to Samb8104)

  • Added some stuff to Docker/Git Ignore

  • Removed account command (temporarily until actual use is figured out)

  • Fixed ticket category issue

  • channelUpdate, channelDelete & channelCreate all now ignore ticket related channels

1.4.2 - 29/08/2020


  • Began using bot.logger instead of the default console.log

  • Created dev branch for collaboration work

  • New interactive report command

  • Renamed functions

  • Merged memory usage to bot-data

  • Got rid of command usage

1.4.1 - 22/08/2020


  • Upgrade verification system to Discord v12

1.4.0 - 22/08/2020


  • Rate limited Gsay command

  • Updated to Discord V12

  • Permissions on Eco Command

  • New Mute, Tempmute and Unmute commands

  • Fixed cat and dog commands with new APIs (old ones stopped working)

  • Unban command

1.3.1 - 14/07/2020


  • Added return to sync command

  • Fixed dumb embed command

1.3.0 - 10/07/2020


  • Docker Support Added

  • GitHub Stuff Added

  • New help command

  • Unnecessary console logs have been removed

  • New prefix: sb!

  • Achievement image is deleted after sending it.

  • Modes created to update status and other things in the future.

  • Send guild owner a DM if the bot joins a blacklisted server

  • Gsay no longer errors

  • New embed function to simplify commands code

  • Moved some commands to disabled-commands

  • Removed server configs to stop GitHub from tracking them

  • Removed src thingy

  • Updated ReadMe

  • Other small things that don't matter.

1.2.2 - 25/11/2019


  • New Help Command

  • Some bugs fixed

  • Tempmute moved to the correct category

  • 2 New Functions - hasConfig & promptMessage

  • Added a start.bat file

1.2.1 - 11/11/2019


  • Fixed typo that didn't allow handler to function

  • Updated Dev Bot's Token

1.2.0 - 09/11/2019


  • New Command and Event Handler

  • Updated Tokens

  • Love Command Added

  • New Discord Presence

  • New Functions

  • More Efficient Utilities Function

  • All Packages Updated

1.0.0 - 06/05/2019

Official Release Date!

  • We are officially released and public! We hope you enjoy our bot and be sure to report any issues!